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It is our mission to connect like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs of the community to work together for the purpose of developing true entrepreneurship and

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Dr. Reginald and Sharon Siles


Spirit of A Dove Association (S.O.A.D.)


We are a special and unique organization that is based on supporting, recognizing and building relationships with others. This is what we do in the Spirit of A Dove Movement! Our thanks go out to everyone who touched and agreed with the vision of Spirit of A Dove and we appreciate your time, your talents and your thoughts. This has allowed us to bring this annual celebration together, this being our 7th annual Spirit Of A Dove Awards is a testimony of our commitment to serve.  We are, Dr. Paul Reginald Siles, (known as “Reggie”) and Sharon Siles, Founders of Spirit of A Dove Association.


Dr Reggie Siles is a Musician, Teacher, Public Speaker, Business Consultant, Travel Agency Owner, Author, Networking Promoter, Husband of 34 years, Father of 3 and Grandfather of 3, who has contributed his legacy to building and connecting strong relationships throughout his career so that people in all professions, vocations and mind-sets could understand that true networking begins with each one of us.

Sharon Siles is a Registered Nurse, Professional Editor, Counselor, Wedding/Party planner, Travel Agency Owner, Handbag Collection Consultant/Retailer, Wife of 34 years,  Mother of 3, and Grandmother of 3. Her passion and discernment for understanding and helping people has been her true calling and worldwide devotions. As a native of Kingston, Jamaica she loves travelling and entertaining  along with enjoying family and friends.


We both have something to share, something to express and something to inspire others who are willing to do the same. We will continue to move forward with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and passionate love for helping others and watching others rise.  Our passion is for people and personal developmental learning that brings Joy and Love to all mankind. 


Our Mottos:  Smile and be happy, Life is Fresh.

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